Anna Medical College 
Affiliated with University of Technology, Mauritius.
Student Life

AMC offers its students a bright world of opportunities – Opportunities to learn new things – academic, professional and social, to grow under the professional guidance of the most respected academicians thereby experiencing the best phase of one’s life. The students’ community in AMC is a confluence of diverse cultures and ethnicities. Students live as a close-knit family amidst an environment of peace, mutual respect, and harmony.

The newcomers are always embraced with a highly productive, yet cool atmosphere. Any higher authority in the administration is easily accessible to a student. Personal problems are addressed by the counsellor appointed in order to help out students.

AMC provides the right platform facilitating a smooth progression for medical students in their turning into professionals; the key attractions being:

Modern and elaborate labs
Wi-Fi throughout the academic area
Interactive multimedia classrooms
Blackboard Learn™
Patient interaction and clinical training in hospital with high flow of patients
Clinical skills and simulation lab



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